Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Return of the meme!

I've become quite the fan of memes and now am seeking good ones out. I ran across the SuchSimplePleasures blog almost by accident, and found this great one there. So, here's my version...

I talk: Too much.

I love: My wife, my family of choice, my friends, my hobbies, running, wine, good food, photography, travel, and life in general.

I lost: a few things along the way, but gained even more.

I hate it when: people are two-faced, or don't stand up for themselves, or say "I don't have a choice." Hey, everyone has a choice in every decision, all the time!

Love is: A wonderful thing. A many splendored thing. It's a decision, not a feeling. And it's the greatest thing in the world.

Marriage is: Knowing that no matter where you are in the world, or what situation you're in, there is one person who will always stand beside you...and if you've got that person, you have "a home" right where you are.

Somewhere there is: a land I heard of, once in a lullaby...come to think of it, I think it's somewhere over a rainbow or something...

I'll always be: trying to do whatever I'm doing, just a little better than I did yesterday.

I have a little crush on: Kenny Chesney. I'm straight, it's just a bit of a man-crush. And my wife is perfectly OK with it.

The last time I cried was: Nov 17th, 2007. I was on a flight home, and was thinking about the fact that it was 4 years to the day since my dad passed away. I blogged about it and it brought back some pretty sad emotions..

My cell phone is: both my best friend and my worst enemy. It also has email capability and I get my work email on it, so I'm constantly checking it like, oh, 14 million times an hour...

When I wake up in the morning: I make coffee, check my email, feed the cats...

Before I go to sleep at night: I count my blessings, kiss my wife, and then jump on the Sleepytime Express.

Right now I am thinking about: Someone who works for me. We just got off the phone--he found out less than an hour ago that his dog has bone cancer. I feel really bad for him (the dog and the guy).

Babies are: cute, except when they are crying or sick.

I get on MySpace: Never.

Today I: am having a good day. Got some stuff done, made some work progress, etc..

Tonight I: Will go for a run, have dinner, and watch either Wednesday night shows or stuff I DVR'ed last night.

Tomorrow I will: Have a bunch of meetings, handle some random unplanned crisis, and talk a few people off the ledge. Just another day at work...

I really want to: (in no particular order)--take better photographs, stop being afraid, learn how to ride a motorcycle, spend more time with people I love, pay off my house, have a plan to keep me active after I retire, and die peacefully, in my sleep, at a ripe old age.

The person who is most likely to repost this: Snowelf. (C:

So...that's it! If you borrow this and make it your own, let me know.

More later...


suchsimplepleasures said...

loved your answers! somewhere over the rainbow...very clever! so, you did this meme justice!

Jim Jones said...

Thanks! I liked your answers, too...and your blog is pretty interesting, so I'll be back to visit you again!


La Chanson de Phoenix said...

I did this meme also quite recently! Memes are fun, huh?

snowelf said...

oh thank you! This is my saturday meme!!!

I'm glad you are so comfortable with your man-crush. I can pass Kenny a note in the hall if you'd like me to.


Jim Jones said...

La Chanson, yeah...memes are quite fun! I like finding out interesting stuff about people, plus some of the questions in this one really made me think.

Snow, glad you liked it--all credit goes to suchsimplepleasures.

Oh and re: the man crush--do NOT tease me like that, saying you know Kenny! But yeah if you do know him tell him I think he's cute (God, maybe I am gay...not that it's wrong...) Tee hee! (OMG I just tittered like a schoolgirl--yet another sign!!!)