Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The joys of the bloggosphere

I'm a big fan of Steve Runner and his Phedippidations podcast. In one of the episodes he talked about blogging and said "Write as though you're writing for yourself--if anyone else reads it, it's a bonus." I'm starting to experience that bonus now...

Now that I'm checking out and commenting on other blogs, I find that other people are doing the same to both this blog and my photo/travelogue blog. Cruising around and following links is how I found my (now) good pal Snowelf's wonderful blog, and recently I've found several other good sites--Gerry Gomez's photo blog, a blog of photos from Saline County, Arkansas, and a few others I've bookmarked. Oh and OF COURSE the cult of 55 Flash Fiction Friday is growing, too!

What's my point? Well, as I was explaining to a friend in email the other day...when you write a diary or a journal, it's for yourself and you hope like heck that no one else ever reads it. But with a blog, you write for yourself but hope others will find you. If you're not a blogger, you should start. And if someone comments on your site, do them the courtesy of visiting their site and acknowledging what they do. If you're not a blogger and find this site (or other blogs), please do that same courtesy also...it's nice to get noticed.

More later...


rubink said...

>>"Write as though you're writing for yourself--
>>if anyone else reads it, it's a bonus."

I have always kept that in mind with my own blog. I use it as a cathartic release, a way to remind myself what is on my mind at any given moment, a way to proactive social communications and get answers to questions I have about certain issues.

If anyone else reads the blog, well, more power to them!

snowelf said...

I love to write and there are just too many hilarious things--or at least things I can twist into my own little sick way to make them funny ;)--so as soon as I started blogging I was hooked.

I never ever imagined I would meet so many awesome, caring people and friends, but it's just another awesome side effect to my addiction. ;)

you rock,

Jim Jones said...

Rubink we are of the same mind on this--my blog is my way to be whatever kind of person I want to be. I'm thinking of launching yet another blog...but more on that in one of my upcoming posts.

Snow, your blog just makes me laugh out loud most days. Easily some of the most entertaining reading I get all day. And I'm like you--meeting you, getting back in touch with rubink, meeting S...all of YOU GUYS rock. (C;


Daniel said...

You are brave. I barely can keep ONE blog up! Three would be very hard!