Friday, November 2, 2007

55FFF - Chapter II

Chapter 2 - Flashback No. 1 - Six Weeks Earlier

She asked again, just to make sure. “Just deliver this...uh, device...and, I get $25K?”

“Yes,” he replied, revealing nothing.

“It’s not illegal?”

“You have my word as a gentleman.”

“$25,000,” she pondered…a lot of scratch. And smart—much more, and she’d know that this was A Bad Deal.

"What the hell," she sighed. "I'm in."


More later...


snowelf said...

Nice! So very nice!


Mike M said...

Hmmmm, very interesting 55. I will be back for more!

Mike M said...

Here is the link to all my 55s if you are interested.

S said...

You know we like em bad.
Welcome to 55!