Wednesday, November 7, 2007

10 gadgets I can't live without...

I was thinking yesterday about a post I'd seen on my buddy Dan's blog about "go bags" and the technology stuff people just have to have with them. That got me to thinking about the gadgets I can't live without. Well, OK, I could live without them, it's just that my life would be a lot less productive and/or entertaining. So with that, here's my Top 10 Gadgets list (in no particular order)...

  1. Dell Latitude D620 laptop (that's kind of a no-brainer...) - gotta have a laptop!
  2. Palm Treo 750 Windows Mobile-based PDA phone - Makes me reachable just about everywhere--which is both a good thing and a bad thing.
  3. Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch - helps me keep track of pace, time, and distance when I run. Also has a heart rate monitor but I never use it (long story...)
  4. 80GB video iPod - for music and podcasts in the car, and for movies, music, and podcasts on airplanes.
  5. 8GB iPod nano (2nd generation) - for when I run. The video iPod's hard drive locks up on me after about 20 minutes, but since the nano is flash-memory based, doesn't have that problem.
  6. Nikon D40x D-SLR camera - I'm an absolute photo-taking freak. A few of them are even halfway decent, sorta kinda.
  7. Sony PRS-500 e-book reader - I can store a hundred books or more in a device that's about as wide and tall as a paperback, and as thin as a magazine. What's not to love?
  8. Bose QC-3 noise reduction headphones - you never realize how loud the interior of an airplane is until you have noise reduction headphones on. It's nirvana...
  9. Plantronics CS55 wireless headset - for work--let's me do long conference calls and still wander around the office.
  10. Motorola H700 Bluetooth headset - for driving and talking hands free.
That's what's your list?

More later...


S said...

Um my computer and my IPOD shuffle, and my Razor phone that I have to ask my 11 year old daughter how to use.......

Welcome to the 55 pack! Ive been writing 55s for two years now...or maybe more...stop by on Fridays and check out all the writers!

rubink said...

Ah, nice post and thanks for the plug!

>>Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch

I miss my GPS. I stupidly gave it away some time ago to a friend and now I want another one. We do have one in the SUV, but it's not the same as a handheld.

>>80GB video iPod

It shouldn't lock up. Maybe Apple can fix it for you (for free?).

>>Sony PRS-500 e-book reader

Is it better than putting e-books on the Treo? I assume it has a better screen?

A good pile of tech stuff! You didn't go for a photo of the collection?

snowelf said...

1. Cell Phone
2. iPod


note to self, buy more gadgets ;)


Jim Jones said...

S and Snow, both--y'all should understand that I work for a technology/software company (rubink already knows this, as I used to work with him), so gadgets come with the job. (C:

S thanks for the welcome to the 55 pack--I'll definitely check the other writers out. I especially like the 55FFFs from Flash. Man, that dude is twisted--but in a good way. (C:

Rubink, the GPS watch isn't a full GPS--just keeps distance and pace when running. Still, it's cool. RE: video iPod--apparently, it's a known problem--it has 25 minutes worth of "shock protection" built in. Besides, it gave me the excuse to buy a Nano!

Oh and the PRS-500 reader--about a bajillion times cooler than on the Treo. The screen is black and white and looks just like a book. It's so cool if it was in a "pirates vs ninjas" competition not only would it be a ninja, but it would kill all the pirates AND all the other ninjas! I love it that much. Oh and team it up with the Gutenberg Project to get old books that are out of copyright, and you've got a winning combo.

No picture now, but maybe later...


p.s.--Snow once you get that dream job you want, you'll have more techy gadgets than you can shake a stick at! Trust me!

Charles said...

Hi Jim,
Stopped by Tuesday, and neglected to comment, sorry. Isn't Snow cool? The Elf, not the cold white stuff. She's got some awesome writing skills. I wish we could keep her on the web 24/7. That would be entertainment.
Not that I know about such things, but you may want to check out the newsgroups for reading materials, too. Just saying.

I'm not much of a consumer gadget kind of guy, but I like playing with my tech. I love programming, and have some stuff lying around, like a Willem Eprom PCB45 programmer which I used to chip a Series 2 Tivo. A homemade JTAG adapter for a minisumo bot that I haven't yet finished building. You know totally geeky devices, not the cool ones like you have.

Jim Jones said...

Hey I'm just getting around to commenting on the comments. (C: Your gadgets aren't geeky--I work for a company that does embedded systems hardware/software stuff, so I'm in awe of your geekiness!