Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Even though I don't really do anything for Halloween (other than dress like a nerd, but I do that every day...), and I don't have kids who are celebrating, I still feel the need to wish one and all a very Happy Halloween.

I was talking with a co-worker today--back when I was growing up (OMG now I sound like An Old Man!!!), you always knew proper Halloween etiquette...don't go to a house if the front porch light is on; if it's on, knock and say "Trick or Treat!" when the person opens the door; and always always ALWAYS say "thank you" for whatever treat you get (I even had to say 'thank you' to Mrs S in my hometown even tho she gave me a stale popcorn ball and all the other kids got FULL SIZED Snickers bars but I'm NOT bitter about it to this very day...).

Today, it's all weird. First, we live in a decent neighborhood that's on the other side of the city from the "bad part of town" (OMG now I am an old man and a snob!), and we get a large influx of kids who come from the other side of town...just because the folks in my 'hood hand out good candy. WTH, kiddies, trick or treat in your own neighborhood! We've had a few years where we've turned the porch light out--but we get as many doorbell rings as we do in the years where we have it on! And to top it off--you open the door, the kids just stand there and stick their bags "trick or treat," no "thank you", nada zero zip zilch. Snowelf I hope you are raising your kids better than this! HA HA HA!

Anyway...we still hand out candy some years, although tonight we have plans to be away from home. The good part is that (knock on wood) we've never gotten egged, or TP'ed, or "tricked" in any way so far, even the years where the lights are out.

I hope everyone reading, and all their kiddies, have a safe, happy, and fun Halloween...

More later...


rubink said...

Thanks for the Halloween wishes. It of course is a HUGE deal here with my daughter. There was the HW Carnival at her school this past weekend and it really was the biggest deal for the season. The pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago was big too...out at the Horse Park (They have parks for horses? Yea, in Santa Fe they do.) Tonight it's a party at the college where my wife works around 5:00 and then to Verano Loop, one of the older neighborhoods out where we live. Since we are in the middle of nowhere, as everyone out here in Eldorado is, everyone focuses on just one neighborhood and swoops down on the block. Should be fun, with parties, friends and whatnot. DGC

snowelf said...

LOL!! You old snob!!! ;)

No worries Jim! My chilis have superb manners out in public--it's at home where they act up. ;) See, they save all their naughty tricks just for me--aren't they sweet!?

Happy Halloween! :)


p.s. for the record, I loathe popcorn balls, too! Bleech!

Jim Jones said...

rubink, hope you had a good time--it sounds like you had some fun activities lined up!

snow, all kids do that (save the naughty behavior for at home)'s a reverse passive agressive thing!

And for the record, I don't mind good popcorn balls--the problem is that it's hard to make good ones and to keep them fresh...