Thursday, October 11, 2007

Where DOES the time go?

So I looked at my last post, turns out it was 3 days ago. Where the heck did those 3 days go? Actually, I know...meetings, dinners out with work people, work, a little sleep, and more of the same. It's been a very busy week--one of my peers has a managers' meeting that I'm sitting in on, and I'm prepping for some travel next week.

Lisa started her new job this week--YAY. She's working for a company that creates and wholesales high-end pet clothes. It's a ground-floor opportunity, the woman running the company is a good friend of hers, and she loves animals so she's very excited to be where she is.

I also decided today, kind of spur of the moment, to start another blog. I'm really interested in photography and have some middling level of skill. So is my more-or-less daily post of some of my favorite pictures. The good news is I've got about 1500 pictures in my archive at home, so that's over 4 years of posts (assuming I like them all, and assuming I don't ever take another picture ever...neither of which will happen).

I've made new connections with a couple running-related bloggers, and made offline connections with a couple other bloggers. So I'm finding this blogosphere we all inhabit is a pretty cool and friendly place. Hope you all enjoy it.

More later...

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snowelf said...

I know what you mean--I am absolutely amazed at the amount of friends I have made just through blogger! It's awesome.