Friday, October 12, 2007

55 Flash Fiction Friday

I picked up this idea from my good blogosphere friend Snowelf, who in turn picked it up from Susie. The rules for 55 Flash Fiction Friday are here...basically, write a short story in exactly 55 words. I always liked creative writing in school, and I feel (like a lot of people) that I've got the Great American Novel locked somewhere in my head. So until I get the smarts and the courage to start writing something longer, here's my first 55FFF attempt:


“Paris is all I thought it would be,” he mused. Sitting in a small cafĂ© in the Latin Quarter, he savored the cool, crisp late September air.

He lifted the demitasse cup, both smelling and tasting the deep rich espresso.

“Magnifique!” he said out loud, which brought a very un-Parisian smile to the waiter’s face.


So...that's that. What do you think?

More later...

1 Comment:

snowelf said...

Jim!! Bravo!! And I'm so glad you're playing!!!
Sometimes it's SO tough to keep it at 55 words. I love the variety of all of the 55's, we have some incredibly talented writers on board and now you make one more.