Thursday, October 25, 2007

The 10 Funniest, music

For various reasons, the wife and I both kinda had crappy, stressful days...her more than me, but still. I worked at home and was all prepared to be The Good Husband and fix dinner (and no, it wasn't just some lame straight-out-of-the-freezer-into-the-microwave thing...), but when she got home she says "Let's go out for dinner." When that happens mid-week, that usually indicates A Bad Day (what's up with All The Extra Capitalization Today? Hm...).

Now, to the topic relating to the post title...we got to talking about funny stuff, trying to lift each other's moods. We decided on a draft list of the 10 funniest words in the English language. Now, I'm sure in the clear light of day and on a blog page this won't be anywhere near as funny as it was last night. Still...I just felt the need to share. With that, here's what we came up with:

  1. spaz
  2. whacky
  3. dookie (OK maybe not a real word but HEY it's MY LIST!)
  4. trousers
  5. mime
  6. cacophony (when I was a kid I thought this was spelled "cacaphony", which is funny for two reasons--first, "caca"--HELLO!!! Second, I thought the emphasis was on the first syllable which would make it pronounced "KAKK-a-fony", which is way funnier than "kah-KOFF-eny." Still...I like my pronunciation better)
  7. Antidisestablishmentarianism (the longest word I knew when I was a kid, and the longest word that isn't a chemical here for a Wikipedia definition)
  8. spew
  9. pocketbook (WTH...does anyone even use that word any more?)
  10. stewardess (see parenthetical expression on #9)
So...that's that. I hope you found at least some of these amusing. I know they made us laugh...

Oh yeah, and regarding music--so with the recommendations of my good pals Snowelf and robertb, I got the new Radiohead...uh, what do you call it nowadays--record? CD? Recording? Anyway, I got it. Like robertb, I didn't pay anything for it for now--I'll see whether it grows on me or not.

More later...


snowelf said...


I'm sorry you guys BOTH had crappy days! That sounds like a go out to eat night to me too! :)

Words are great. My friend Jeff and I both think the word "blog" sounds like throw up. Doesn't it!!? Like "George blogged in my car last night after the party."

I also think you need to add persnickety. That is a very funny word too.
Cacaphony cracked me up and so did dookie. Who says dookie anyway?!lol! :)


p.s. I'm all about the blogger peer pressure, so Robert, you totally need to start blogging--as in the writing sort--not the vomiting. :P

Robertb said...

I want to blog, I really do.

At the moment though, I devote about 88% of my work day to energy futures trading, Photoshop and a small but growing "Eric's Deli" franchise that I am running out of a spare office on the main campus of the company that I "work" for.

I'm concerned about eating into the remaining 12% where I'm either actively working or at the very least earnestly pretending to do so. It would be a shame to ruin a good thing.

I appreciate your encouragement though, snowelf. I can call you snowelf, right? We were never introduced, I guess I will just introduce myself then.

Nice to meet you, snowelf!

rubink said...

I have always been partial to the word "quimby". There are other words that are probably funnier than that....