Friday, October 26, 2007

55FFF - the story arc begins

I was out running yesterday, and the beginnings of my 55FFF story arc started coming to me. If it comes out like I'm planning, it's gonna be good--intrigue, espionage, flashbacks, some quality kills, and (who knows) maybe even a little romance. I'm sure the story will develop on its own as I write it, but it starts now...


Chapter 1 - A Damsel in Distress

“CRAP”, she shouted out loud to no one. Not only was her car upside down in a pond, filling rapidly with water—but her cigarettes and lighter were completely ruined. “What a fricken’ day,” she moaned.

Her first thought—escaping the car. Second, leaving the area without leaving a trace. Third…revenge—cold, hard, and violent.


Oh and by the way--I made an executive decision that the chapter title information doesn't "count" as part of my 55 words. So there!

Whaddaya think? I bet it's way better than anything robertb could blog... :-0

More later...


Robertb said...

Pretty nice Jim. Here's mine:

Jess held her head high as she walked out of Milton’s apartment. Three hours of yelling, gnashing of teeth and unspeakable nastiness… but she was free now, she had finally left him. Suddenly she remembered that she had left her car keys in his apartment. “Screw it”, she thought, “I never liked that car anyway”.

Carlo said...

Jim, great idea. Here's mine:

“Revenge is sweet, “ he thought, but in the cold reality it didn't taste sweet. It sickened him. In his anger he did something he couldn't undue. All because of what? Some stupid Halloween trick that scared and embarrassed him? Now his kid had no Halloween candy, his teeth felt sticky and he wanted to puke.

snowelf said...

Hey Jim

No, the chapter titles don't count. ;) Awesome awesome awesome!! I can't wait to see where it goes! And isn't it hard to stop at 55 words once you have a great idea! :)

And you two should have your own blogs just for 55's!! :) (Ahem! Robert! hehehe ) ;)