Monday, December 31, 2007

Time for another meme...

I like cruising through friends' blogs, and friends of friends, and I find some interesting stuff (note to self, need to organize my bookmarks so I can find the FOAF blogs again!). I am becoming a meme addict, and found a cool one a few weeks ago on this FOAF blog. The rules are pretty simple--go to Google Images, type in your answer to each question, and post one of the images as your response to the question. Make sense? OK, let's begin:

1. Age next birthday

2. Place I'd like to travel

3. Favorite Object

4. Favorite Food

5. Favorite Animal

6. Favorite Color

7. First Job

8. College Major

9 . Bad Habit

(If you can't read the image, it says: "PROCRASTINATION: I'll find a picture for it later.")

10. My first name

(My first name is "Jim", not "Morrison" (C; ).

So, that's that! I don't have to tag anyone on this, but if you like this one please feel free to copy!

More later...

P.S. - Happy New Year to all! Be safe and healthy, and enjoy 2008!


snowelf said...

This meme rocks!
And I am gonna tag people too!

Happy New Year Jim!! I'm looking forward to another year of meme-tag with you.


Jim Jones said...

Cool, Snow. I'll be interested in seeing your answer to #10 (your first name). Only, you have to use your real first name and not "Snow"...HA HA HA HA!


suchsimplepleasures said...

hey you! long time! i have another meme for you...the birthday month one. did you already do it? if not...go and get it!
happy new year and good luck with all your resolutions!

Jim Jones said...

Hey Such, good to hear from you! Gosh, we haven't communicated since last year (HA! I love that joke...). I saw the birthday month meme. I copied it all from you, and I'm editing it now...will probably post my version of it in a few more days. Thanks for tagging me, and thanks for the good luck wishes! Same to you and yours...