Friday, December 7, 2007

55FFF - Bella Boo

CRAP I totally forgot that today is "55FFF" day. I wrote one already for Mike M's excellent 55FFF blog, I've already posted a new meme today, and quite honestly I am just NOT feeling Chapter VII of...well, of "the continuing story" (which totally sucks as a book title, but that's all I've got in me right now). So, until next week when I resume TCS (and maybe I'll have a title for it by then!), here is my story from the 55FFF blog.

Author's note: I usually work at home on Fridays. My baby girl kitty Bella (we sometimes call her "Bella Boo", hence the post title) is my near-constant companion in my office. She's impeding my efforts to work right now, but she's so darned cute I can't hardly get mad. I wanted to see if I could capture her essence in 55 words...see what you think.

She slinks into my office quietly, the jingle bell around her neck the only sound.

She's curious, sniffing everything cautiously.

Walking around my desk, she jumps into my lap and starts kneading.

She purrs contentedly and explores my desk, ignoring efforts to work around her.

Then, she curls up on my lap for a catnap...

More later...


snowelf said...

Okay I know I commented on the 55 blog, but Bella is just TOO cute!


suchsimplepleasures said... cute. i have the same problem with my cats, kids and laptop...they all want to purr and curl up on my lap...thus, impeding my stalking of blogs...

Jim Jones said...

Ya Snow, I know what you mean. We just set up the Christmas tree this week (GOD FORBID we should put lights/ornaments on it, as they'd be destroyed in a nanosecond!). I have a really cute pic of her climbing up inside the tree that I'll post later.

Such, yeah I have the same problem. They (cats, at least...don't have kids) can be a royal PITA but then again, they're so cute... (C: