Friday, December 14, 2007

55FFF - Chapter VII

18 hours later - Casino floor, MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas

"Nice choice, Kathryn," the fat man said. "Crowded, crawling with security, easy exit..."

"Cut the crap. Get off my back, return the cash, and we're even."

The knife moved like lightning, stopping a hair away from her throat. He hissed, "Think again, little one..."

Just then, he felt the pistol's barrel pointed at his crotch...


Charles said...

He's not too awfully bright to pull a knife in a casino, is he? I'm enjoying your story. :D

snowelf said...

lol Charles!
I think we'd be surprised the amount of stuff that goes on in a casino that we don't know about... makes you think...


Jim Jones said...

Yeah, Charles, so I took a healthy dose of creative license here...I was kinda sorta thinking that they'd both be smart enough to be out of the views of the security cameras, but...well, er, maybe I need to go back and edit it so they're not on the casino floor...but glad you're enjoying it!

Snow, I agree--you'd be surprised at the stuff that happens in Vegas in general! You really need to go one of these days!!!