Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 in review

All told, 2007 was a great year. Sure, there were some rough patches and some things I wish I could have fast forwarded through, but it all made me what I am right now. Just a very few things that went right this year:

  • Started two blogs--this one, and Photos from Jim.
  • Met many new blog world friends, and reconnected with old friends via the bloggosphere, too.
  • Trained for and ran in the Chicago Marathon.
  • Set PRs for 5K, 4 mile, and 8K.
  • Rediscovered my love of photography.
  • Had a great 2 week vacation, plus enough days off here and there to recharge my batteries.
  • Dreamed big (both work and personal), and accomplished a lot of what I dreamed about.
  • Got better at being patient with people who push my buttons, and got better at looking for the good in everyone.
So, what's on the docket for 2008?
  • Completing my first marathon (and hopefully my second, also!)
  • Not losing my temper so much
  • Eating less red meat, more fish
  • Running--LOTS and LOTS of running!
  • A promotion at work(?)
  • More blog-world friends!
  • Another White Sox World Series ring (hey, a guy can dream, can't he?)
These aren't resolutions, because I don't believe in them. Resolutions, to me, are binary things--either you do something for the whole year, or you've failed. These are more like areas where I want to be different, better, etc., than I am now. Every year, I want to be a better person both personally and professionally. I feel like it's my responsibility to learn and to better myself...and if I'm not, then I'm just slacking.

How will 2008 end up? I've got some ideas, and I'm sure they'll unfold in this blog over the course of the year. But if I can write this same post one year from now, and say that I did one thing better in 2008 than I did it in 2007, then I'll feel like it was a good year.

Hope your 2008 is getting off to a good start!

More later...


Daniel said...

Thanks for sharing your 2007/2008 lists Jim, and happy new year! Hopefully we will be seeing each other in 2008 more often than not! ;)

I think the marathon running is great, and I look forward to following this year's triumphs. I have been skiing and working out at the gym and *was* mountain biking before all the snow hit the ground over the last month or so!

I aggree with you too aobut the eating better. I have bneen eating well but improving every year over the last two decades. I have been reading Pollen's "The Omnivore's Dilemma" over the last few weeks and let me tell you, what an interesting read our diet can be. It seems like the bottom line is:

*be aware of where your food comes from as much as possible
*eat more plants than animals
*eat in moderation

And overall it seems like eating good foods (that is foods that are healthy and taste good) without overeating makes a big difference. Also avoiding things like processed sugars and HFCS is a VERY good idea.

Follow all that stuff and diets are not as needed as they once were. I think its interesting that teenagers seem so much bigger now than they were when we were kids. Throw in a bulimic or anorexic every once in a while and you have a very dysfunctional youth eating culture. Hopefully things will correct themselves soon. We as a culture cannot keep taking in calories the way we are without exercising much. Not a good formula for a healthy culture.

Anyhow, I digress...

Oh, and good luck with that White Sox wish. Probably more realistic than my Giants one!


snowelf said...

omg...you geek! you totally used the word binary. :P

I love your list--isn't it cool to look back at the past year and reorganize for the next one.
(Geez, who's the geek now. ;) )

Go White Sox! ;)

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

Awh man, I read this with aching. I used to run, but I let it fall away when I aggravated a health problem by using the wrong shoes. It was painful. I want to get back into it, as I was just as passionate about running as I was about photography. The longing in my heart... I feel like going for a run now, darnitall.