Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas in review + Training - Week 4

Christmas was nice this year. Not spectacular, not "Holy cow that was the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!", and definitely not sucky--just nice, mellow, and low key. After this crazy year, that's exactly what I wanted.

My wife's family came over Christmas eve for dinner (she makes a mean pan of lasagna, lemme tell ya...), and exchanging presents. I'm starting to see her parents aging more and more, especially her dad--and since I lost my dad a few years ago, my FIL is a "father figure" to me. But all of this just makes me appreciate Christmas and holidays with them more.

Christmas morning I headed out for a run. I think I did the same last year, but we had an, a discussion...about whether I did. Regardless, it's now an official tradition--something I intend to carry on in the future. It was very quiet, and cold, but not windy at all so very bearable.

We had our traditional Christmas breakfast--Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and coffee (NUM NUM!), and then exchanged our presents. The rest of the day we just hung out, watched a couple movies, ate, ate some more...the usual.

I took the rest of this week as vacation time, which I really needed. Now, today, we're headed to my mom's house for a late Christmas with her, my brother, and his family.

This week, my training went like this:

Tuesday - 3 miles (outside!)
Wednesday - 4 miles at the indoor track
Thursday - 3 miles at the indoor track
Saturday - 9 miles at the indoor track

For a total of 19 miles this week, and a total of 65 miles since I started the training program. WHOOHOO...only 370 to go! Well, 396.2 if you count the marathon as part of the whole package...

More later...


snowelf said...

370 miles ain't got nothing on you! ;)

We had a very low key Christmas too, and it was really nice. (My daddy's breakfast also included cinnamon rolls. ;)) And I agree--NUM NUM!


Jim Jones said...

Snow, you're always an encouragement! (C;