Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's race week!

As I write this from my PDA phone, I'm as 35,000 feet over the English Channel with about an hour left until we land in Munich. It's been a long (8 hours 30 minutes) flight but an uneventful one so far. It's hitting me that in one week and a couple hours I'll be rolling out of bed to get ready for The Big Day.

It's like waitng for Christmas, my birthday, and oral surgery all at the same time. You know it's going to leave you out of commission for a few days but you're also really looking forward to it.

I'll get a couple short runs in this week, just to burn off some energy...but I'm not pushing it. At this point I've done all I can do, and my mantra this week is "go to bed early, eat lots of carbs, don't drink alcohol..."

Friday (our annivsrsary) ended up being a great day. The Arboretum was really pretty, and we had a great dinner out. Doesn't sound like much, but it was just what we both needed.

Today, after landing, I'm headed into Munich for sightseeing. I'm sure there will be pictures and a trip report in the near future.

More later...


snowelf said...

Good luck in your race and I'm glad you had a great weekend! (I dug the oral surgery reference, it reminds me of when I start back rollerblading every year after winter)

Have a safe flight!


NeoAuteur said...

I look forward to seeing your photos from the trip. Have a great time!

Robertb said...

Hey Jim,

Good luck tomorrow.

Jim Jones said...

Hey snow--thanks for the kind words! Hope your surprise birthday party for your mom turned out as well as you expected, and hope she was surprised!

Neo, thanks...the trip to Germany was, indeed, great. I'm still culling through the pix but you'll see them soon...

Robert--thanks for the kind words, for the support, and for putting up with all my stupid marathon stories (especially the ones you've heard at least 10 times!) at work.