Saturday, September 15, 2007

My first photo contest

One of my non-running interests is photography. I picked it up in high school and I've come back to it now and again. Just before our vacation this year, I got a Nikon D40x camera and I've been really happy with it. I've also got some good friends who are teaching me a thing or two about composition, digital post-processing using Photoshop, etc.

A couple months ago I was flying home on a United flight and picked up their Hemispheres magazine...the August issue announced their annual travel photography contest. So I thought "What the heck?" and decided to enter. I'm submitting my pictures today (here and here). Who knows what will happen? But the good news is I can say "Yes, I've been in a photo contest."

It's like doesn't matter to me if I'm first place or last, just being a part of it and being in the same event as some of the "greats" in the field (be it running, business, photography, whatever) is encouraging. I learn something from every contest I enter--how to do something better, and usually a thing or two about my limits and capabilities also.

Anyway...I'm off to the mailbox to drop off my entries. Wish me luck. (C;

More later...

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NeoAuteur said...

Photography is a really nice hobby. Good luck on the contest.