Thursday, September 6, 2007

The joys of podcasts

As I told a friend in email yesterday...with as much of a techno-geek as I am, I'm surprised that I haven't gotten into podcasts before. That oversight was officially corrected yesterday.

I went on iTunes to look for podcasts related to (what else, right now...) running and specifically marathoning. I found a great series from Runners World that discusses the history and running of the Boston Marathon...preparing for it, what to expect, etc. It's pretty specific to Boston but has some good general tips on distance running also.

I also found another series called Phedippidations which is about marathoning and long distance running in general. The name is a play on Pheidippides, who (according to legend) ran from Marathon to Athens to announce the defeat of the Spartans at the Battle of Marathon.

Phiedippides, therefore, is the guy who got this marathoning madness started in the first place--and he's the guy I curse when I start cramping after lots of miles. I keep thinking "Why couldn't he have just walked???"

But I digress. Podcasting, as I have found, is a great distraction, very educational, and very inspirational. And, with iTunes and the iPod nano, it's about as easy as falling off a log.

More later...