Saturday, September 8, 2007

A darned good day...

Today was..well, a darned good day. I was able to sleep late (amazingly, the spastic new kitten didn't wake us up at 6:00AM as usual). We lazed around the house for a while, then headed into the city to meet a good friend for lunch in Greektown and then headed to the White Sox game. They beat the Minnesota Twins 8-7 in a real back-and-forth game. Very exciting.

And now, I'm wrapping up a few things, filling up my water bottles, and getting my gear ready for my run tomorrow. 14 miles which, in comparison to other runs I've done recently, should be relatively easy. But, we'll see what the morning holds...could be easy, could be torture. Who knows? I'll probably end up posting some sort of run report tomorrow.

Then next week, the dreaded 20 miler...UGH. But I'm sure it won't be as bad as I'm fearing. After that, the ramp-down period starts as I head into the marathon.

More later...