Friday, September 7, 2007

One month left...

As of today there's one month left until the Chicago Marathon. Or to be more precise, 29 days, 35 minutes (as I write this now). I downloaded a freeware application called TimeLeft (click here to get it from that gives me a countdown timer on my laptop--it really helps keep me focused on mentally and physically preparing for the marathon.

After my long run last week (18 miles) I'm starting to realize that the mental side of this will be much harder than the physical side. I got a cramp in my foot about 14.5 miles in and started walking at 15 miles. I walked almost all of the last 3 miles--very discouraging. I took an extra day off just to recoup, and got back in the saddle with a 4 miler earlier this week. This Sunday is a drop-back week of 14 miles. Next Sunday is the pinnacle of my training--my 20 mile run. That's the longest I'll do until I run the marathon, and I'm hoping it's a good run which will give me a nice upper before going into the marathon.

I'm hoping to get out today for a few miles, but it's been raining--HARD--off and on this morning. We'll see what the afternoon holds. If nothing else, it'll be the treadmill and a podcast or two...

More later.