Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring Is Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, spring has arrived! Yes, there's snow on the ground and yes, the calendar still says February, but it has with out a doubt arrived. Want to know how I know?

Three words: Baseball Spring Training!

I've had a love affair with baseball since I was a kid. Since my family are originally from St. Louis, I started out worshipping the Cardinals. About the time Mrs. jtj3 and I started dating, I decided to convert...her family are rabid White Sox fans so I switched from Cards to Sox, and from the National League to the American League. The Sox have had their ups and downs, and they've broken my heart more times than I care to recount, but it's all good. I still love 'em.

I know that spring training isn't "real" baseball--coaches focus more on getting the kinks out, and not so much winning these games. Having said that, the pitchers are pitching, the batters are batting, and the fielders are fielding--so yeah, it's baseball all right.

I had a very similar post at about the same time last year, and remarked how I was expecting a great season out of the Sox. I did not expect the 72-90 record that they ended up with, and I hope that won't be repeated this year. Guess we'll see.

More later...


Penelope said...

I've only ever been to 2 baseball games and they were both at the Minute Maid stadium in Houston. The first game I ever saw was the Astro's against the Cardinals. The 'stros lost!
Last year I saw the 'stros sweep the Cubs and I caught a ball in the game - result! :o)
I wouldn't call myself an addict, but I do love being over there and watching it for real!

jtj3 said...

Penelope sounds like you're a fan! I'm just curious--growing up with cricket, can you make sense out of baseball? I have some friends from the UK and from India who just don't "get it"... :-*


p.s.--congrats on catching the ball...that's a relatively rare feat!