Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday

It's been a few days. Work, life, etc., are encroaching on my blogging time and I am not happy about it! But whatchagonnado?

So I'm sitting in my hotel room watching Super Tuesday coverage on CNN. I've followed the coverage of the primaries and caucuses this year since Iowa kicked it all off...a habit I've had ever since I started following national politics in the Ronald Reagan era.

It's a fascinating process, and it's democracy in action. The spin doctors can talk until they pass out, pollsters can poll the stuffin' out of the electorate, but ultimately it all comes down to what happens in the voting booth.

It's been encouraging to see the huge increase in voter turnout for both parties. Voting, especially in primaries, has been on the decline since the mid 1970s, but we seem to be turning the corner over the past two presidential elections. It also seems like htere are more young voters (under 25) than at any other time in recent history.

Now, full disclosure time (we're all friends, right?). I generally vote Democratic. I'm slightly left of center--conservative on some issues, liberal on others, but on the balance slightly more toward the liberal side. I'm rooting for Barack Obama to win the Democratic nomination and hoping that we'll see an Obama/John Edwards ticket in the fall.

But regardless of which side you're on, you really should get out and vote. And if you missed your state's primary, then vote in the general election. Even if your candidate loses, your voice is heard.

What will happen over the coming weeks and months, and what happens in November, no one really knows. It'll be an interesting ride from now until then...and I have a feeling you'll see more posts from me about the whole election thing.

More later...


Daniel said...

>> Obama/John Edwards

That may be interesting. Who knows. They have a long way to go before the conventions.

Christine said...

I just wish my state's primaries were earlier. As it is, by the time I have a chance to vote, half the candidates have dropped out. I end up with a long list of "I woulda voted for HIM, but..."

Jim Jones said...

Dan, I know what you mean. One of the commentators made a comment (after I posted) that we may get to the Democratic National convention and still have no clear winner. That's going to be some good TV, I'll tell ya...

Christine, I don't know which party you vote for but if you're voting Democratic the race is wide open. If you're voting Republican, not so much...

snowelf said...

This year is so exciting--it's practically anyone's game!! I have been really interested in every candidate because I just can't figure out who I actually want to vote for yet!!

I tend to be very liberal socially, but very very conservative with money--it's so hard to find a candidate that has that combo...and I'm all for social programs and everything, but sometimes...well, don't get me started on government spending. ;)

It's going to be a hell of a race, that's for sure. And I think the state of the US is really what's inspiring people to vote--I know that's why I'm so interested--they finally convinced me that it matters what I say. :)


Jim Jones said...

Snow I totally feel ya...I think it's great how people are getting energized and getting out to rock the vote!

Our opinions may differ on this or that subject, but I can't fault a person for getting out to exercise their Constitutional privileges, and voting their conscience. Without sounding too sappy, I am a firm believer that our right to vote is a sacred privilege--one that men and women have fought and died for (among other things) for over 200 years now.