Monday, February 11, 2008

Music Monday

Interesting, my last post was "Super Tuesday", now today it's "Music Monday". Hm, let's come up with an alliterative title for each day of the week... (C;

I'll have to admit up front that I'm the king of lame-o's, because today's featured record is new to me, but I'm betting everyone else in the world is SO over it by now. You have to understand, folks--I've been almost totally country music for going on 8 years now. So for me to branch out and discover (and talk about!) non-country music is a big step. blog, my rules...

OK, so with that admission, today's Music Monday record is The White Stripes--their eponymous debut album. I started listening to it just a few days ago, and I absolutely love it. I told a friend that they remind me of what The Doors might sound like if they'd formed in the 90s instead of the 60s. The grungy sound is raw and energetic, and I love the vocals. The record has so much passion and energy, it makes you want to get up and shake your body.

Now that I've discovered the White Stripes, I'll probably go back and get more of their works. But this is what I'm listening to for this week!

More later...


Christine said...

Don't feel bad. I just introduced my 16 year old to the Ventures...and none of his friends know about them, but he is Educating them. Better late than never.

Jim Jones said...

Christine I totally agree--better late than never. Lots of friends of ours have kids in the 13-16 y.o.'s fun to see them discover The Beatles, The Doors, Led Zepplin, etc. Then again, the generation before me (those who heard it first) probably thought it was funny when people our age latched onto the same bands...


Daniel said...

First, Christine, the Ventures are great. Been listening to them for year and years. I had a friend just this week send me a great surf compilation that he put together after determining his favorites from KFJC, a great station in the South Bay Area that has a surf show on the weekends.

Second, Jim, you can't go wrong wioth the White Stripes. over the last 6-7 years, theyhave been one of the most consistently rock and roll bands out there. They do everything right when it comes to what has become more or less (arguably) a dead genre. Jack White was named NME's "coolest guy on the planet" not that many years ago, and he has consistently proven that.

Their latest album is very good as well (maybe not their best, but good). Conquest is a great song. Oh, Jack White was going out with Rene Zellwiger not all that long ago as well, and their videos are good too. Spike Jonze has directed them here and there.

I can go on but for the sake of boring the world, I will hold off!

I can't latch on to just any band or bands. I try to absorb it all!

Jim Jones said...

Daniel and Christine...if you haven't done so already, check out the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction. It's got some really great surf music on it. Dan ping me offline re: your surf music compilation--sounds interesting. (C:

RE: the White Stripes, yeah...I totally feel ya. I was driving and doing errands yesterday just rockin' out to it. A friend of mine commented that Jack White sounds like young Robert Plant, and I have to agree.

Renee Zellwiger...that girl gets around! I'm a big fan of Kenny Chesney, who is Renee's ex. Oh and last week's Music Monday was about a record of Robert Plant's and, as I mentioned above, he and Jack White have some vocal similarities.

So all of a sudden, we're playing "Six Degrees of Jack White..." (C:


snowelf said...

Hey Jim :)

I know only two White Stripes songs, so I had better get listening!!

Have a great week and stay warm!


jtj3 said...

Hey Snow...yeah, you better catch up! You need to load their stuff on your iPod and play it as you drive around in your slammin' new ride...tee hee....

Hey, you stay warm too, and hope your week is good so far.