Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Well of course I'm going to post about V-tines Day today! Mine has started out very nicely. I had an 8-mile run this morning, then came home to a card and a present from Mrs jtj3. The card was very sweet, and the present--OK, don't laugh--was a box of iced cookies with V-tines sprinkles on the top. She knows me so well, and knows that those are my most favoritest cookies in the whole entire world. She rocks. (C:

She also knows that I am really into photography (WARNING: SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION AHEAD!!!)...oh, uh, gee, did y'all know that I have my very own photo blog? Gee, how did I forget to mention Photos From Jim? Have you visited it? Cuz lots and lots of people have, and they love my work...but I digress. Anyway, Mrs jtj3 also said "Uh, I didn't know what your favorite photo magazine pick one out, I'll get you a subscription." SWEET!

Tonight is pretty mellow--a quick dinner, then choir practice at church. We decided to celebrate with dinner tomorrow instead of today, so we're going to our favorite fancy restaurant for steak (for me) and seafood (for her). We're both really looking forward to it--we only go to this place on special occasions, and V-tine's Day is definitely special.

Since it's such a special day, be nice to your sweetie today. Don't have a sweetie? Call your mom or dad...they'd love to hear from you. If they're gone, call a sibling. If you don't have siblings, then just pick someone at random around you, and wish them a happy V-tine's Day. If you interact with just one other person today, it's an opportunity to spread a little love...

Oh yeah, and "Happy Valentine's Day!" to all my friends, readers, lurkers, and you all. (C:


Daniel said...

I really need to check out your photro blog more often. Lot's of nice work there. Glad you had a good V-day. Everything here was nice too.

Christine said...

Happy V-Day to you, too! Enjoy your steak!