Friday, January 4, 2008

555FFF - Chapter VIII

The continuing saga of Kate and the fat man is now back on the air! I had to think about this for a while--Charles posted a comment on the last chapter of my story, and said "He's not too awfully bright to pull a knife in a casino, is he?"

Yeah, true. What was I thinking??? There'd be cameras, guards, etc., all around, there's no way in hell he'd get away with it. So...this chapter may be a bit of a stretch, but I just ask you to go with it. It's better than me getting them out of their pickle but not explaining how... (C;


Gun drawn, the guard yelled "Drop your weapons!"

The fat man whispered, "Three inches to your left, Kate..."

Years of training under him had their intended effect--she didn't understand, but complied.

The guard yelled again: "I said..."

Blindingly fast, the fat man's knife flew straight and true into the guard's eye.

"Run for it, Kate..."


More later...


snowelf said...

(Hey, it's your story--I'm sure it happens more than we realize!) ;P

another awesome installment! :)


Jim Jones said...

Thanks, Snow!!!