Friday, January 11, 2008

55FFF - Chapter IX

One year earlier

"I can't get it open," she said dejectedly.

"Patience--use all your senses, Kate."

She sighed, closed her eyes, and moved the lockpick just a hair.


The last tumbler fell into place, and the safe opened. She relaxed and smiled.

The fat man patted her shoulder. "Good, Kate--very good. You are a suprisingly good student..."

More later...


snowelf said...

I love the character build up, Jim. Isn't it so fun to write these a little at a time.


Jim Jones said...

Hey, Snow, thanks! It is fun to write these over time...especially since the characters develop in ways I never thought they would! Glad you enjoyed it.


Flash said...

great back story!!! I want more!

Jim Jones said...

More is coming, Flash!

Hey, I just had a thought--maybe the heroines from my story, yours, and Snow's should all hook up and become some chick super-group of bad guy *ss kickers...


Claudia said...

Nice! I didn't see this on the flash blog - I'm excited to learn more about these folks. Great use of "fat man". I can just see his bulbous hands tapping her shoulder - well done!

Jim Jones said...

Hey Claudia, thanks for the compliment! Just FYI, I usually keep my 55s separate--I'm working on this continuing story on my blog, and I typically write something different for the 55 Flash Fiction Friday blog.

I liked your 55 today--I'll leave a comment over at the other blog.

Happy Friday!