Friday, April 4, 2008

55FFF - Spring Is Here

My first non-story arc Flash Fiction in a reeeeeeeeally long time. Cool, I'm excited. (C:

She stormed into the house, her mood matching the tempest outside.

"I hate all this rain!" she said. "Traffic was HORRIBLE today."

"April showers bring May flowers, dear," he said charmingly.

"Don't try cheering me up."

He smiled shyly, handing her the tulips he'd bought just for that purpose.

A smile lit up her face.


Penelope said...

Very cute! Autobiographical by any chance? ;o)

Sue said...

Very sweet!! said...

cute, but i want more! :)

come see me on my bloggy if ya want. i did friday fiction, too.

take care man, kathleen :)

jtj3 said...

Penelope, no it's not. Mostly because we have two cats who would tear through the flowers in about 5 seconds flat. One of these days, though...

Sue, thanks! Glad you liked it.

Kathleen, that's the thing about flash fiction--it's just little morsels that, if done right, leave you wanting more! Heading over to check yours out now!!!

snowelf said...

Isn't it so true that just when we DON'T want to be cheered up, the people who know us best can always do that anyway! Great meme, J! :)


p.s. Whoo hoo!! I have allergies!! That means it's finally spring!!! Yay!!! This is the first year I've EVER been happy to have allergies! :)

jtj3 said...

Snow, I totally feel ya...not only on the thing about people who know us best being able to cheer us up whether we want ir or not--but ALSO on the allergies! That means SPRING IS *achoo!* HERE!!! Whoohoo!