Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blogging is therapy!

Must sleep...eyes droopy...can't concentrate...but (C:

Just a quick one before I hit the hay tonight. I was taking a look at, and ran across an interesting story with the headline "Your blog can be group therapy." Great story, and it led me to a great blog, Snickollet.

The story, and the blog, just reinforce what I already knew--this is good therapy! Ahhhh...I feel better already.

G'nite, all...more later.

8 Comments: said...

amen jim!

you bet it is. writing it out or talking it out is good for ya.

great day man, beany :)

ps. what does this mean? (C:

Christine said...

Yes, and you get all the positive comments from people who start to feel like friends....there is no downside.

Well, unless you post something truly mortifying. Then, you're on your own.

jtj3 said...

Beany, (C: is a smiley face. Kinda like :-) or (c: . I guess it's really a smiley face with a big nose.

Christine, you're right--that's what keeps me blogging is the sense of community and friendship. I keep the mortifying stuff to myself, LOL!

snowelf said...

Stop yawning! You know that's contagious. ;)

And yea, I have to agree about the therapy. It's so nice to be among friends.


jtj3 said...

Snow, sorry for the yawning--won't happen again. :-)

Yep, it really *is* good to be among friends. It's kinda cook and refreshing to know that you (not "you" as in you personally, "you" generically) can write about who you really are, and people will like you anyway... said...

i like you and what you say and how you say it. you have a kind heart and that it what matters to me.

great day jim, beany :)

Rick said...

See... I told you you need to keep it up at least on a weekly, or so, basis. Beats shellin' out $150.00/week for a therapist. Not that I would know how much it costs to visit a therapist, or maybe I do. Hmmm.

I'll keep blogging.

jtj3 said...

Rick, I will take your wise counsel and update this at least weekly. Or try. Really really hard. :-)