Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A test that failed... has a feature called 'mail-to-blogger' which supposedly allows you to write emails to a specific address, and the contents of the emails turn into posts on your blog. I've done a couple tests and haven't been able to get it to work. It stinks, because I've been on the road the last couple weeks and using this would have made posting a lot easier.

Last time I wrote (which never got posted...), I was headed out to California for our company's annual sales rally. The good news--my last flight previous to this was 14 1/2 (no kidding) hrs from Hong Kong to Chicago, so this flight (4 hrs - SFO to ORD) seemed like nothing. Unfortunately on the flight home from HK we encountered THE WORST turbulence I've ever hit (again, no kidding) in my 20 years of flying for business. Like a dude flying out of his seat turbulence. Like at least 3 people tossed their cookies turbulence. I'm not a big fan of at-altitude bumpiness--but fortunately that was a relatively small portion of the flight, maybe 15 minutes per episode, 3 episodes total.

By the time I get home on Thursday of last week (one FRICKEN DAY after Valentine's....don't EVEN get me started!!!!), I'd racked up almost 25K miles this year. UGH. But, whatever...God gets me there safely, and I thank Him profusely for that.

Let's see...what else is happening? Oh yeah, big changes at work (as though I could forget). As of Feb. 1, our worldwide VP of sales/services/support left, as did our CFO. We're bringing in a CFO from the outside, and my boss and a peer of his both got promoted. My boss is now our Chief Operating Officer, and the other guy took the worldwide VP of sales/services position. My boss retains responsibility for support, which means my reporting structure doesn't change. We've been told there won't be any major org changes, but it's just not practical to keep it that way. My boss now has about 12 direct reports, each of which have pretty deep organizations. My hope, which I expressed to my boss last year, is that I'd end up with worldwide responsibility for my function. The only downside is that having this responsibility would imply more travel and time away from home, but I've thought it through and I'm ready for it. This is a role I've wanted for a long time...but if it doesn't happen now, I'll be content where I am.

Anyway...more later...